Monthly Archives: January 2012

All these places have their moments…

My love for travelling started at a young age; it was a love/hate relationship really. As a military brat, the news of my dad getting stationed somewhere else was a daunting thought but also a promise of more adventures. Every four years since birth my family has moved: Washington, Kansas, Virginia, California, Texas and back to Virginia. I have lived in Virginia on going for eight years; it’s the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place. Though Quantico, Virginia, has come to be the most homelike place I’ve been, I’m excited for my next move and future endeavors.

My parents were always great about showing us around and taking us to historic spots. We learned a lot about everywhere we lived; learning history through experience. From the plantations of Virginia to the missions of California, I have enjoyed seeing and experiencing different places, people and cultures. Upon learning about other people and cultures, I’ve been able to dwell upon my own. Seeing things first hand gives you a better appreciation for differences in people and places. I also feel that the places I have lived and been have shaped me to become the person I am, and while this is true for most people it has given me a unique outlook in life. Because I’ve experienced so much at a young age it has driven me to continue to travel to the places I most want to learn about.

There are places I want to travel based on many different reasons, whether it be their historical value or amazing views. Traveling gives you sights too look forward to, cultures to experience, and memories to cherish. The time I’ve spent traveling is quality time and precious memories I’ll always have with my family and love ones. I’m anxious to see what adventures and memories I can make in the future and where my travels take me.