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Election 2012

This year’s election was one of the most exciting in recent history. Though I was able to vote in the last election, this was a far different experience for me.

My polling station is in Quantico so I had to drive home to vote but it was important to me so I did. I woke up earlier than usual to go to the polls which I figured would be crowded. On my way to the polls my car broke down but that didn’t keep me from participating in this year’s election. The polling station was not busy and I was able to avoid any lines.

I was unsure that I’d be able to make it home this year for the election so I had already filed for an absentee ballot. At the polling station I turned in my absentee ballot hoping that it would not prevent me from being able to vote.

Though my car trouble and the cold weather had nearly discouraged me from voting, I was satisfied after I had. I wore my “I voted” sticker proudly that day knowing I had taken part of the democratic process that makes our country special.

I noticed a significant difference in the way the past two elections have played out. I enjoyed how open people were about their political views and which candidates they were supporting. Social media served as a network for sharing opinions and thoughts about politics.

Despite the strong opinions that caused some upset and the outcome of the election, it was an honor to be capable to vote and to see others participate in the freedoms of our nation.